BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

Step 1: Identifying your needs
Step 2: Establishing optimal spend levels
Step 3: Developing the entire concept
Step 4: Sourcing all items required
Step 5: Launching, supervising and completing

You're unique. So is your brand. Not to mention your business requirements, market situation, revenue goals and every other factor that needs to be taken into consideration. That's why we always offer a tailor-made approach.

We handle all steps in the process:
1. Identifying your needs as a Food Retailer
2. Establishing optimal spend levels, participating brands, licensees ‘categories and timeframes
3. Developing the entire concept, including communicating and activating the programme or promotion
4. Sourcing all items required and managing the entire project through to fulfilment
5. Launching, supervising and completing the programme or promotion, then analysing its success



We are part of Alliance Data, that is a fortune 500 company and a leading provider of marketing, loyalty, and credit solutions that uses the power of data to achieve results for his clients. Together, three lines of business manage more than 100 MILLION consumer relationships for some of the world’s leading brands.

We are actively involved in partnering with other companies as Precima, Mc Kinsey and many others that can complement our own skills and services. This enables us to remain at the forefront of technological and social developments in Food Retail.