BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

Attracting new and existing customers and creating consumer engagement

Instant Loyalty Promotions are designed to attract new customers to your store – in particular, households with children. They give you an opportunity to increase turnover and profitability, while keeping customers happy.  In addition, they improve shopping frequency for existing customers.

BrandLoyalty’s Instant Loyalty Promotions are topical, newsworthy and educational.
Our promotions are structured to create excitement and media hype,and to make your brand the ‘talk of the town’. This results in considerably boosting our clients’ turnover and profitability, and enhancing their long-term image.

An Instant Loyalty Promotion is a retail programme in which customers get an instant reward based on the amount they spend. The promotions are topical, newsworthy and educational for kids, and are structured to create excitement and media hype.
Targeting families with kids allows an Instant Loyalty Promotion to create an emotional response.  BrandLoyalty offers 3 types of concepts: Entertainment - Education & Sports - Exclusive BrandLoyalty Brands & Trends
The popular licences, unique concept designs, high collectability and powerful communication messages make all kids smile.
Our concepts range from recognisable to innovative, licensed to exclusive, and fun to sustainable. What’s more, they are all tailored to your specific business strategy and goals. They’re also structured to fit within the many parameters you need for success. These includeUtilising well-known licences - Unique concept design - Playability - Collectability - Fun - Key focus on children and families - Powerful 360 communication support - Full support in-store

In the end, it’s all about the consumer experience – and the smiles on the children’s faces.