BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

we create innovative, tailor-made loyalty programmes

Loyalty Programmes are designed to generate immediate changes in consumer behaviour.
A Loyalty Programme is a retail promotion whereby customers collect stamps. The number of stamps distributed depends on the amount spent. At certain thresholds of numbers of stamps, rewards can be redeemed. As well as leading to a peak in turnover, a Loyalty Programme can also build retailer brand equity in two ways: with the actual choice of rewards linked to the programme concept, and with the way it’s executed in the marketing mix.

Our rewards focus around food and family, creating a uniquely personal experience that makes consumers feel appreciated and better connected - leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience. The pull of the programme is linked to the intelligent combination of:
- An appealing product/brand
- Highly valuable (perceived) rewards
- The opportunity to collect for a significant discount


BrandLoyalty’s unique value lies in our ‘full service’ approach. We take away all the potential worries and complexities of executing a programme that a retailer could face. These include: Providing initial strategic advice - Developing a tailor-made programme - Implementing the programme, or series of programmes - Managing and then evaluating each programme - Logistics - Analysis.

We even offer a ‘sale or return' policy for any unredeemed item, thereby taking the risk out of the programme. Finally, thanks to the possibility of integrating mobile collecting in the programme, the retailer can add an interactive and personal medium to the mix. This has the dual benefit of driving better results while also giving deeper, real-time insights into customer behaviour.