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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


BrandLoyalty present at the Global Summit in New York, Applying a ‘Give To Get’ strategy in building trust as a foundation for growth.


Alliance Data Systems & BrandLoyalty are closing the loop between data insights & customer engagement by focusing on customer-centricity.


What we as a company see is the huge complexity in which food retailers and other retail businesses operate nowadays. We also see challenging paradoxes for retailers as channels and formats arise and change increasingly rapidly. Finally, we see an accelerating empowerment by consumers due to the increasing choice available to them through mobile technology developments. In view of all this, we believe that food and other retailers need to constantly enrich and redefine their relationship with their customers by placing customer-centricity central to all decisions that they take. Mastering customer data will deliver actionable insights into individual and mass shoppers’ behaviour, which in turn will be the key to closing the loop between data insights and customer engagement.

This ‘Give To Get’ strategy requires retailers to be constantly relevant for the individual shopper. Retailers can do this by using customer data intelligently and appropriately. In return, the shopper will feel recognized for their willingness and effort to provide this data. The shopper will then reward the retailer with both transactional and emotional loyalty. By applying a ‘Give To Get’ strategy, retailers will establish the foundation of customer-centric trust that is the basis of future growth. At BrandLoyalty itself, and through our relationship with ADS, LoyaltyOne and Precima, we have the expertise and leadership to measurably change consumer behaviour and grow business for our clients by using data-driven loyalty and marketing solutions to build this solid trust.

BrandLoyalty and its sister ADS companies are able to offer an unusually integrated approach. Together, we use data-driven insights on shopper behaviours to redefine the 4 key pillars of retail (price, promotion, assortment and suppliers) in combination with a unique set of mobile, marketing, analytical and distribution capabilities. This combination provides the whole package to enrich retailers’ relationships with shoppers and to efficiently close the loop between data insights and customer engagement.

At its futuristic stand at the New York Summit, BrandLoyalty will be showing delegates itsstate-of-the-art data sharing portal that allows food retailers to seize future opportunities in the 4 key pillars of retail, redefine their relationship with manufacturers and create growth through an enhanced retail loyalty strategy. Furthermore, we will highlight and let our visitors experience our belief in ‘Give To Get‘ by demonstrating that uniquely customized loyalty programmes, in which every aspect is tailored to fit individual clients and situations, are necessary to make shoppers again feel relevant, recognized and rewarded – while creating a great consumer experience.



What is the I-ZONE (Inspiration, Innovation, Information)?

At the heart of the 2015 Consumer Goods Forum Summit, the I-Zone showcases the most cutting-edge creative ideas from the retail and consumer goods industry.  The stylish display area offers a window on the most innovative concepts that each participating company has to offer, adding genuine value to the sector.

The 2015 I-Zone will provide great inspiration while focusing on true innovation. A select number of companies (including BrandLoyalty) will share with Summit delegates the latest innovations which add new value to the retail and consumer goods industry.  The 2015 I-Zone will be a world-class window of the best concepts being developed by The Consumer Goods Forum members. 


What is the GLOBAL Summit?

The Global Summit of The Consumer Goods Forum is the global event for modern retailers, manufacturers and their suppliers. It is the essential destination for successful business leaders in our sector, where CEOs talk to CEOs with additional input from experts and specialists. It is the forum to voice the key issues and challenges facing our industry now and in the future. This is the place where the global agenda for the consumer goods sector is set and also where the responses to previously set challenges are shared.