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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


The more we give, the more we get

As you know, there’s never a dull moment in food retail. With the fast pace of mobile and social media developments, we see shoppers’ behaviour changing almost from day to day. And as we all know, today’s consumer is more demanding than ever. This is partly due to the recession – which continues to have an effect on shopping budgets – but also because consumers want to feel recognised and addressed in a relevant way. The more personally this is done, the better they feel about it. The era of just firing off generic messages is now behind us, and anyone who doesn’t ‘go with the flow’ is about to miss the boat.

Customer data is the key to treating each person as an individual, but to get it you need to give the customer something in return. That’s why we’re going to talk more about the ‘Give to Get’ principle at the Retail Loyalty Congress 2015. We’ve decided to hold the event in Barcelona this time as the city has so much to offer: it´s an unique location full of character and history, with an amazing, enthusiastic atmosphere and a very advantageous feature: Barcelona is a melting pot of retail formulas and food experience in the greatest possible sense.