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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


Two Brabant universities – Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University – and loyalty marketing company BrandLoyalty have today announced a partnership on big data research. The total investment is one million euro’s over a five year period. BrandLoyalty is the first strategic partner for the theme ‘Branding and Marketing’ for the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). JADS is the overarching collaborative alliance in which the two universities, the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the province of North Brabant have joined forces in education, research, innovation and valorization in the field of data science.

JADS brings together technology and its application with the objective of creating true value and economic development with data science in Brabant and beyond. Companies are closely involved in education, research and innovative start-ups by entering into ‘partnerships’. The cooperation with BrandLoyalty marks the start of a range of collaborations;  further strategic partnerships with other companies, on other themes, will follow in due course.

Importance of data for the future

BrandLoyalty emphasizes the importance of data for the future. These days, power is in the hands of the consumer, who decides what is purchased where and when. To be able to fulfil consumers’ high expectations retailers need to understand them better. Jeroen Pietryga, CEO IceMobile & CIO BrandLoyalty: “Data provides us with insight into consumer behaviour and their motives. That is why BrandLoyalty has been investing heavily in Data and Digital for the past five years. As a result, we can offer better service to retailers helping them meet the consumer’s needs. In entering into cooperation with JADS we are taking a leap forward by mounting three research projects together. We are truly pushing the envelope and breaking new ground in the field of (loyalty) marketing.

This alliance not only allows us to further support the development of data science at a stone’s throw from our main office, it also gives us a chance to learn from students and to develop and apply our knowledge within the (loyalty) marketing industry. Being ambitious, our company offers many great job opportunities for well-trained data scientists, particularly for those who can make links between data analysis and operational applications. That is why we are delighted with the JADS initiative.

Enormous potential

Arjan van de Born, scientific director of JADS: “Because of its size, this alliance with BrandLoyalty is strategic in nature and has enormous potential. It puts us on the map internationally and it gives our students and PhDs a chance to add value to an organisation where everything revolves around data. We are very grateful to BrandLoyalty for giving us this opportunity.”

Big data – understanding consumer behavior

Big data constitutes an important foundation for new ways of conducting market research and offers a wide range of new opportunities for companies through fresh insights by analysing this data. The objective is to gain more insight into what people buy, into how they make decisions, and what companies can do to tailor to consumer’s wishes and drive brand loyalty. Data in marketing allows us to better understand consumers, which means they are of great value to business and industry.

The alliance with BrandLoyalty involves three research projects to be conducted over a period of five years.  The intention is to further expand this cooperation in the future. Recruitment of PhD students who will be carrying out these projects has already started.