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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


Last week BrandLoyalty’s 6th edition of the Retail Loyalty Congress took place. Following previous year’s events in locations around the world such as Bonn, Amsterdam and Barcelona, the 2016 event once again demonstrated retail loyalty at its best in Toronto, Canada.

The RLC revolved around the theme ‘Getting Personal’ and provided guests with a wealth of information and ideas on strategic issues centering around loyalty. The trinity of data, digital and reward was explored, which is key in creating incentive-driven loyalty programmes which lead to an immediate improvement in retail performance.

Over two days guests were invited to get better acquainted with some of Toronto’s finest food retailers, including McEwan, Longo’s, Pusateri’s,  Sobeys, Metro and Loblaws. In addition the RLC offered guests topical masterclasses and the opportunity to discuss key industry topics among peers and listen to world-class speakers. These speakers explored themes such as “how to utilise the genuine passion of your organisation”, “the importance of big and small data”, as well as the latest trends in technology and innovations.

Ensuring that attendees got personal throughout their stay, IceMobile created an interactive messaging service through Facebook messenger. Using the next generation one-to-one communication tool, Retail Loyalty Congress attendees could live chat, view their itinerary, check their loyalty balance and have questions answered by AVA; delegates personal assistant before, during and after the congress. Demonstrating how technology can enrich engagement to “Get Personal” with shoppers to deliver a little happiness over and over again.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the Retail Loyalty Congress 2016 in the aftermovie.