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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

TEAM BRANDLOYALTY GAINS NEW STRENGHT WITH SVEN KRAMER's-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands - 14 May 2014

Sven Kramer is set to continue his impressive skating career by joining Team BrandLoyalty. On Wednesday, the best skater in the world will sign a one-year contract with the team led by coach Jac Orie. Kramer spent the past 8 years skating for the TVM formation, but was determined to search for a new challenge following the Sochi Olympics.

Kramer is a triple Olympic champion and has besides this also won a record number of 6 all-round world titles and 6 all-roundEuropean titles. The world’s best skater has also captured 13 gold awards at the World Cup distance races, giving him an impressive and unique status.

Over the past few weeks, the Frisian skater has stated that he wants to focus more on his beloved 5 kilometres, beside aiming to achieve global success at the 1500 metres – the crowning glory of any skating career.  That’s why Kramer already contacted Orie some time ago, in view of the fact that the coach from The Hague had already had a lot of success at the sprint distances and the 1500 metres with men such as Stefan Groothuis and Mark Tuitert. BrandLoyalty’s owner, Robert van der Wallen, was also positive about working with the Olympic champion, leading to the agreement reached between both parties this week.

Team BrandLoyalty used to be purely a sprinting team, which has captured a total of 74 medals at the Olympic Games, World Cups and national championships over the past 2 years. Naturally, it experienced its finest moments during the Sochi Games, where the team won gold (Groothuis, 1000m), silver (Jan Smeekens, 500m) and bronze (Ronald Mulder, 500m). There’s also a possibility that the team may be expanded again in the near future.

The collaboration agreement between Kramer, Orie and BrandLoyalty will be officially signed and sealed on Wednesday morning at BrandLoyalty’s headquarters in Den Bosch. Until then, everyone involved will refrain from giving any comment.

An inviting workplace that feels like home

The 34 months of intensive renovation works have resulted in a highly inspiring workplace. The aim of the new building is to give all the people who work there or visit it the feeling that BrandLoyalty is an open community where you are always welcome. It will be a place with a logical flow between personal and professional life. BrandLoyalty doesn’t think in conventional frameworks but instead believes that people perform best in a more natural, welcoming environment. For example, staff will get the opportunity to enjoy healthy food and drinks in the spacious canteen, use sports facilities (before, during or after working hours), and more. The new building therefore doesn’t feel like an office, but more like an extension of home.

BrandLoyalty’s efforts to create a great workplace for its employees have resulted in a loyal, knowledgeable workforce. This staff-centred philosophy has also made recruitment easy: the company has a natural ability to attract the brightest and the best.


We look forward in welcoming you to our new office.                                                           Koningsweg 101, 5211BH, Den Bosch