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CONTRACT EXTENSION FOR SVEN KRAMER's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 08 January 2016

Team LottoNL Jumbo

Earlier this week, Team LottoNL-Jumbo agreed a new contract with Sven Kramer. The 29-year-old lead skater signed an agreement whereby he will continue to skate for Jac Orie’s team until April 2018.

The triple Olympic champion switched to Orie’s formation in 2014. During his first year, he took three World Championship titles (Gold for All-round, Gold for 5000m Distance, and Gold for Team Pursuit) and captured the European All-round title too. With regard to the latter, the Frisian sportsman is hoping to repeat his performance next weekend in Minsk.

Lotto-Jumbo to continue throughout 2018

Besides the contract extension of Sven Kramer, the sporting future of the Lotto-Jumbo cycling and skating team has also been guaranteed throughout 2018.

"Knowing that we have funding until the end of 2018 gives us an incredibly good feeling. It offers us the opportunity to put in place a performance programme that’s better than ever,” said Orie in reaction to the news. "When you have stability, you can continue to build and innovate the training process, rather than having to play safe and only take a short-term view.”