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TEAM LOTTONL-JUMBO ROSE TO THE CHALLENGE IN CHINA’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 16 November 2016

During the weekend of 11-12-13 November our speed skating team Team LottoNL Jumbo, travelled to China for the second event of the season; The World Cup 1 Matches.

With great passion our team took to the ice and rose to the challenge, with the first of the Team LottoNL Jumbo trio: Patrick Roest, Douwe de Vries and Sven Kramer gaining gold in the team pursuit.

Sven Kramer also won the 5000 meters and the 1500 meters, which put a new track record on his name  of 1.46, 79. In addition Kjeld Nuis triumphed in the 1000 meters.

Overall it was an extremely successful weekend for the Dutch team and we look forward to taking the successes into next week’s event; World Cup 2 in Nagano, Japan.

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