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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


Den Bosch, 4 October 2012 – After an eight-month search – and just before the skating season was due to begin – Jac Orie’s men’s skating team has found a new main sponsor. For the next three years, BrandLoyalty is the organisation whose name will be displayed on the outfits of Stefan Groothuis, Jan Smeekens, Kjeld Nuis, Pim Schipper and Ronald Mulder.

Over the past few weeks, Jac Orie and BrandLoyalty have been holding intensive talks after being brought together by sports marketing agency Triple Double. Orie says, “We are extremely pleased to welcome BrandLoyalty as our main sponsor. They’re a group of people who have a lot in common with our own approach. They live and breathe on a large scale what we as a skating team are doing on a small scale.”

Focusing on skating
Orie continues, “For the past eight months, our team has been on an uphill path to find a new sponsor. We’ve had quite a few difficult moments: one potential sponsor pulled out, Mark Tuitert left our team; we even had to turn another sponsor away because they didn’t fit in with the way we work. No sponsor means no income, but everyone still managed to pull together and keep going as a team. Living with this amount of uncertainty has made us even stronger than we were before. What’s more, we realise now more than ever that we need a good sponsor in order to keep performing at a top level. From now on, we can focus all our energies on the skating itself.”

The sponsorship contract
Both parties agree that the collaboration between BrandLoyalty and Team Orie should consist of close teamwork. Each will go ‘behind the scenes’ as much as possible to examine the other’s way of working in order to learn as much as possible from one another. Training sessions and talks will also form important components of the contract. In addition, both parties are committing to a three-year agreement in which the sponsor’s contribution corresponds to the relevant stipulations for an A Licence. What’s more, both parties will continue to examine opportunities to give Jac Orie’s scientific approach an even greater boost.

Fastest team
Claudia Mennen, BrandLoyalty’s CFO, says, “We may not be a big name in the Netherlands, but it’s no coincidence that we’ve decided to sponsor Jac and his team. They’re the fastest skating team in the world. Skating is a readily accessible and a clean sport. We also like the fact that Jac and his team don’t have any airs or graces, despite performing at world-class level. In order to become the best team in the world, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries, always on the lookout for new challenges and totally focused on their scientific, analytical approach. That’s how they keep one another alert. At BrandLoyalty, we really relate to this. After all, we want to use our expertise in the field of loyalty to be the fastest and the best within the food retail world too. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for top talent as well. We believe that this sponsorship will help us to achieve this goal: it will enable us to become better known and will enable us to associate ourselves with the success of this exceptional sporting team.”

About Team Orie
Team Orie’s mission is clear: they’re out to win. How? Through the winning combination of a determined, focused group of top skaters and an award-winning coach who knows the game inside out. This team consists of:

Jac Orie, who as a coach has been closely involved with the successes of Marianne Timmer, Erben Wennemars, Gerard van der Velde, Mark Tuitert, Gianni Romme and others at European, World and Olympic competitions. He was crowned Coach of the Year in 2010;

Stefan Groothuis, the current Sprint world champion, holder of the Sprint tetrathlon points total world record, winner of the world cup 1,000 metres ranking in 2011, world champion in the 1,000 metres World Championships distance races in 2011/2012, four-times Dutch Sprint champion (and more);

Kjeld Nuis, winner of the Grand World Cup and twice silver medal winner in the 1,000 metres World Championships distance races in 2011 and 2012 (and more);

Jan Smeekens, Dutch record holder for the 500 metres, four-times Dutch champion in the 500 metres, and bronze medal winner in the 500 metres in the World Championships distance races in 2011 (and more);

Ronald Mulder, Dutch champion in the 500 metres in 2010 and three-times European and 24-times Dutch roller-skating champion (and more); Pim Schipper, a top talent who has skated in all world cup competitions and the Sprint World Championships.

About BrandLoyalty
BrandLoyalty is one of the leading loyalty companies involved in the food retail industry at an international level. Since 1995, it has developed, organised and implemented short-term and other sorts of loyalty programmes that now run in more than 20,000 stores each year. In less than 20 years since the company was founded, BrandLoyalty has grown to become an organisation operating on a global level, with 400 employees active in 14 countries.