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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


Team BrandLoyalty is proud to be the ‘preferred supplier’ to the Dutch speed-skating team that will be going for gold at the Sochi Olympics starting 07 February. The team’s coach, Jac Orie, will be accompanying three Team BrandLoyalty skaters to the Adler Arena – Stefan Groothuis (1500 m, 1000 m and 500 m), Jan Smeekens (500 m) and Ronald Mulder (500 m).

According to Jac Orie, it’s no coincidence that he’s the ‘preferred supplier’ to the Dutch Olympic speed-skating team for the second time running, ‘It all boils down to our personalized training programmes. We’ve succeeded in creating training programmes that bring out the very best in our skaters... I truly believe that personal training programmes are the only way to work. No two skaters are the same. So why would you have them train the same way?’

Orie had seven skaters at the Vancouver games battling it out for Olympic glory. ‘This shows that we’re on the right track,’ Orie stated very matter-of-factly following the official presentation of the Dutch Olympic team. Nonetheless, there are several other Team BrandLoyalty skaters whom he would have gladly seen making the trip to Sochi as well.
For example, Kjeld Nuis met all the IOC and Dutch Olympic Committee requirements, but missed out on selection because the skating federation is only allowed to send ten men and ten women. ‘As a coach, you’re sometimes caught between a rock and a hard place during qualification tournaments,’ explains Orie. ‘On the one hand, you’re always ecstatic when one of your skaters gets to go to the games, but on the other hand it’s so disheartening when skaters miss out on selection.’

This is exactly why the coach invests the most time in those skaters that don’t get to go to the Olympics. For him, there’s only one way to move forward and that is to cross off the tournament and focus on setting new goals. ‘This is what we’re going to be working on next... getting skaters like Kjeld qualified for the European and World Championships, and performing at their very best.’
Nuis will be competing alongside fellow Team BrandLoyalty skater Ronald Muller at the World Sprint Speed Skating Championships in Nagano (Japan). He’ll also be competing in the remaining ISU Speed Skating World Cups following the games.