BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

The mobile solution for collecting loyalty stamps
The app that helps communicate 1 to 1 with your daily shoppers

With our Bright products we are able to strengthen the relationship between retailers and their shoppers.

Bright Stamps
Bright Stamps is an innovative digital solution that changes the way customers earn rewards.
The service makes it possible to collect stamps digitally. With Bright Stamps you can communicate 1 to 1 with your customers and gain real time customer insights. Moreover this new way of engaging increases spend and customer loyalty.

Bright Shopper
Bright Shopper is a digital eco-system that changes the way customers shop.
The service helps create a smart shopping list from products, promotions or ingredients from the recipes you offer. Bright Shopper will be an indispensable part of the customers daily shopping routine and therefore increase customer loyalty and drive more sales.

Bright Promo
Bright Promo is a digital promotion channel in which customers can discover offers with their tablet or smartphone.
Products can easily be added to a personal shopping list that you can edit anytime, anywhere. Bright Promo is integrated quickly. Will increase visibility, and drive traffic to your business.