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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

With our Bright products we are able to strengthen the relationship between retailers and their shoppers.

Bright Stamps
Bright Stamps is an innovative digital solution that changes the way customers earn rewards.
The service makes it possible to collect stamps digitally.
Bright Stamps is the best way for customers to participate in a digital loyalty program, anywhere, anytime. Be it on smartphones, tablets or wearables, customers have their stamp balance at their fingertips, can browse rewards and see current promotions. It is fun and rewarding for consumers, and effective for retailers. Besides the uplift in spend and engagement, Bright Stamps also allows you to engage your suppliers in a meaningful way, through targeted supplier offers.


Bright Punch
Bright Punch lets you drive customer engagement in a completely new way, by linking your merchandising strategy directly to the end consumer. Our solution exposes a unique range of digital punch cards for every single customer, personalized by our recommender engine. Each punch card is essentially a mini loyalty program, encouraging consumers to collect towards a reward during multiple shopping trips. Bright Punch is powerful, secure, continuous and at scale through smart and self-learning algorithms running on our Bright Loyalty Platform.