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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

Loyalty Programmes and Instant Loyalty Promotions are designed to generate immediate changes in consumer behaviour.

Loyalty Programmes

A Loyalty Programme is a retail promotion whereby customers collect stamps. The number of stamps distributed depends on the amount spent. Once a certain number of stamps have been collected, rewards can be redeemed.

Our rewards focus around food and family, creating a uniquely personal experience that makes consumers feel appreciated and better connected - leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience. The pull of the programme is linked to the intelligent combination of:
- An appealing product/brand
- Highly valuable (perceived) rewards
- The opportunity to collect for a significant discount

Instant Loyalty

Instant Loyalty Promotions are designed to attract new customers to your store – in particular, households with children. It is a retail programme in which customers get an instant reward based on the amount they spend. The promotions are topical, newsworthy and educational for kids, and are structured to create excitement and media hype.

Our concepts range from recognisable to innovative, licensed to exclusive, and fun to sustainable. What’s more, they are all tailored to a retailer’s specific business strategy and goals.