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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships


June 14, 2018 Hong Kong – For the first time ever, Team Procurement hosted its Supplier Day in the magical world of Disneyland Hong Kong, themed Happy Journey to Operational Excellence, following the success of the recently held RLC 2018. This event brought together 56 vendor partners from the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and colleagues from Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. Arthur graced the event with an inspiring opening speech, followed by Rob welcoming guests and introducing the highly energizing event. 

A key milestone of the supplier day is the workshop session held to encourage interactions between BrandLoyalty and its partners focusing on 4 key topics of:

  • Vendor Performance & Operational Excellence
  • Leadtime & Agility
  • Product Developments
  • Automation & Quality

Our vendor partners have contributed immensely to the rapid growth of BrandLoyalty over 23 years and they were rightly feted with an awards & certificates presentation. Objectives of the supplier day were achieved with trust strengthened between our fellow vendors, enhanced team dynamics across departments, stronger commitments from vendors on our business fundamentals and more importantly everyone ended on a high note as Happy People! Jasper closed the event with his sincere thank you speech. Below are a few key testimonials to attest the success of the event! 

‘My key takeaway is the true partnership noticed between BrandLoyalty and all your vendors. This is highly unique & special and I will definitely share my experience proudly with my Board’ – Arc France

‘30-day lead times seems impossible for delivering high volumes, but some of your vendors made it happen!’ – Pasabahce Turkey

‘It is always a pleasure to spend some time with the Brandloyalty family, professionally wise, but also leisure wise. You really know how to entertain and turn memorable the two days I have spent with you in HK’ - Cerages Investimentos SA Portugal

‘These events are so much fun, I feel I’m part of your family and I have built strong friendships with a lot of suppliers through BrandLoyalty’ – Camford Home Products

‘We find participation to such events over the years fostered a deeper understanding of each other’s business, helped to better align our business objectives while also providing the opportunity for improved personal relationships in an informal setting. Congratulations for a very successful and well organized event’ – Eminent Clear Trading