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BrandLoyalty - Redefining Relationships

BrandLoyalty has sponsored the Vestingloop for several years, and is actually going to be its main sponsor – and the name attached to the race – from 2015 onwards.

The Vestingloop is a regional running event in which thousands of people from all over the Netherlands take part. BrandLoyalty believes that people who feel good physically also perform well on the work floor. The Vestingloop fits in well with this theory. When the Vestingloop is coming up, each member of staff receives a tailor-made training programme to prepare for the race. The result of this is that 65% of all staff at head office actively take part in this running event. By becoming the sponsor of the Vestingloop and having the event named after it, BrandLoyalty wants to work together with the race organisers to take the Vestingloop to an even higher level.